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Tin Ohnmar Tun (Ms) has been a Protection and Indemnity correspondent since the year (1982). Her home base is in Yangon, (Rangoon), covering for Myanmar (Burma) a country as large as Texas having a geographical area of 261,288 sq. miles, at a location between South and South-East Asia on the Bay of Bengal, with neighboring countries India and Bangladesh on the West, China, Laos and Thailand on the East. It is a littoral State having a coast line of (1230) nautical miles. Starting from the North, in the Bay of Bengal, is the Rakhine coast line of 240 nautical miles and the Ayarwaddy Deltic coast line of 390 nautical miles in the Gulf of Martaban, followed by the Tanitharyi coast line, in the South, of 600 nautical miles in the Andaman Sea .The islands in the Myanmar waters is recorded to be about (557) islands, where the majority is located along the Tanintharyi coast mainly concentrated near Myeik(Mergui) forming the famous Myeik(Mergui) Archipeligo.

Throughout the many years, the country had practiced the Socialist economy where major industries and institutions were owned or operated by the government. Tin Ohnmar Tun (Ms) has been able to represent the interest of the P&I Associations during that socialist era as well the present day market oriented economy, which came into practice after 1988. In times of normalcy or in times of national disaster, whence in 2008, the country was hit by the cyclone ‘Nargis’, she handled instructions from P&I Associations without fail, earning mention in the TRADE WINDS papers as ‘the person who could get things done’. Specializing in the famously categorized 4 C’s, which are
(i)   Crew and personal claims,
(ii)  Collision and dock damage,
(iii) Cargo liabilities and
(iv) Consultation and resolution of disputes.

Crew and personal claims
It involves arranging for the crew/non-crew’s, hospitalization or repatriation in case of illness, injury or death. A full report on the condition of the crew/non-crew and the estimated medical or repatriation costs are provided to the member through its P&I Club As medical claims can be costly and lengthy, it requires searching and approving appropriate medical facilities, keeping contact with the attending doctors, obtaining updated medical reports, thorough checking and approving all relevant invoices and medical costs.

Collision and dock damage
As a local correspondent, making arrangements for the most suitable person to inspect and assess the extent of the damage and also to ensure that reasonable steps are taken by the claimants to minimize the loss and to carry out prompt repairs, resulting in lower costs to the ship owner and his P&I provider.

Cargo liabilities
Deploy the most competent surveyors to identify the causes and extent of damage and help reduce the clients’ exposure. Supervise the activities of the surveyors to ensure consistent and timely reporting and that instructions are followed. The surveyors are accompanied on board the vessel and are introduced to the Master, briefing him on local maritime legislation and working practice.

Consultations, negotiations and resolutions of disputes
With a wealth of experience in the maritime field, have negotiated in the arrest orders to be lifted against vessels and crew so as to allow the vessel to continue trading without delays. Recommend reliable personnel's to act as Ship owners Protecting Agents for vessels calling into Myanmar Ports, as well as Crewing Agents who can provide competent crew to work on foreign ships.


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