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Intellectual Property Protection
We provide a full trademark and design service including pre-file availability searches and advice, registrations, renewals and other services such as trade mark watch, license and assignment recordals, amendments such as change of name and address recordals. In addition, we also represent our clients’ in infringement matters, cancellations/withdrawals of trade marks. Our full trade mark services include:

• Trade Mark Searching
• Filing and Prosecution
• Enforcement
• Cancellation and Invalidity Proceedings
• Trade Mark Renewals
• Monitoring Trade Marks (Watching Services)
• Assignments, Licences and other Registrable Transactions
Advice and Assistance are offered in the related areas of domain names, company names, copyright, registered designs and unregistered designs right as Myanmar’s IP Laws are enacted in the next few years.

Trade Mark Searching
We advise clients to have searches prior to the registration of the mark, in order to identify any earlier trade marks which may pose a risk of infringement or a potential obstacle to registration.
Our trade mark availability searches covers both identical and similar trade marks. Our search reports identify any potentially problematic earlier marks and provide advice on whether the intended marks are registrable in Myanmar.

Filing and Prosecution
Our Advocates are experienced in filing Trade Marks in Myanmar for over 20 years. Our professional approach towards filing ensures that all the trade mark applications submitted at the Registry without issues. We guide the applications through each stage of the registration process, and provide clients with regular updates on its progress.
For the publication stages, we are able to advise on appropriate publication strategy according to clients particular requirements and budgets.


We have over 15 years experience in prosecuting and advising on matters of trade mark infringement. Where a conflict or potential conflict arises, we can advise as to where the clients’ stand in the matter, when they are in a position where they are looking to bring the action. Even in the absence of IP laws in force, Myanamar’s available legal system provides justice to IP Owners against infringers.

Cancellation and Invalidity Proceedings

Our Advocates have many years of experience in prosecuting a wide range of proceedings involving registered trade marks, such as non-use cancellation and revocation actions.
We are experts at negotiating the complex rules and procedures surrounding such actions, including those relating to proof of use and evidence.

Trade Mark Renewals

We offer our clients a dedicated Renewals Service, designed to ensure that renewal formalities are dealt with in the most reliable, cost-effective and timely manner possible. In Myanmar, renewal of registration is optional. It is an established practice to Renew a registration every (3) years or so affords the owner’s rights to ownership of the trademark and is of evidentially value in case of litigation at a court, if there is any. Therefore, renewal of registration is recommended. It also announces continuity of ownership and any changes to the address or company name or list of goods etc.

Monitoring Trade Marks (Watching Services)

We can offer a full range of trade mark watching and monitoring services to suit client’s requirements and budgets. We would strongly recommend that all trade mark owners ensure that they have the appropriate trade mark watches in place.

Assignments, Licences and other Registrable Transactions

In the absence of Intellectual Property laws enacted or enforced in the country, we help create the most appropriate and cost effective line of action to protect our client’s interest.


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